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Posted by: Nancy Wildman 2 years ago

When 2nd Mile Missions started in 2007 it was a sister ministry with 2nd Mile Adventures (2MA). 2MA is a men’s adventure ministry that encourages men to go their 2nd mile physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is based on Matthew 5:41 where Jesus encourages His followers to live by a different standard and go the second mile when needed. The motto of 2MA was “Go a New Distance.” Eventually we outgrew each other and we become our own ministry.

Although, we have carried the call to go the second mile from Matthew 5:41 with us as we (Rod and Nancy) felt it was relevant to our ministry as well. We wanted our ministry to go the extra “mile” in not only helping and encouraging the people in our communities, but also our teams of staff and supporters who worked alongside us. 

Over the years we have refined what it means to go the extra mile physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Physically Acting with a Christ-like attitude and a willingness to help people physically when and where that may be. 

Mentally Responding with mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, or temptation courageously.

Spiritually Aligning with a purpose that extends beyond ourselves for the purpose of relationship and unity with Christ. Being prepared to share faith with others by the way we live and when opportunities arise. 

By going the extra, or second, mile, you live by a different standard. God’s standard. 

A tangible example of this is a willingness and discipline to improve yourself – physically, mentally, and spiritually. This will result in sacrifices for your family, team, community, and for others by: studying, exercising, helping or visiting others who may need a friend. It will also require sacrifices of your time, resources, and money. 

However, the willingness to go the second mile, allows you to go the next mile with someone – leading to their development and their opportunity to know Christ.

We believe we can build stronger communities by coming alongside people to equip them with the tools they need to empower the members of their community so that then they can go the next mile together.

We recently launched the Mile Markers monthly recurring donation program – a new giving opportunity for you! A Mile Marker is someone committed to going the second mile for the development of another. 

By joining the Mile Markers you help build stronger communities in the Dominican Republic. 

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