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Karly Prichard Posted by: Karly Prichard 3 years ago

Our generous donors allow us to plant seeds of HOPE in families living in desperate situations, like the Morel Montero Family!

Luanny Montero (Mother), Brendan (15), Kenneth (11), Genesis (7), Denzel (8)

The Morel Montero family lives in El Hoyo Friusa, a community neighboring the 2nd Mile Education Center’s security wall. Within a few minutes walk from 2MEC, you’ll find their one-room apartment on the 2nd floor of a small apartment building.Their small space is filled with kid’s artwork hanging on the walls and shelves stacked with books and toys. 

Take a closer look at the chalkboard above the bed in the photo on the left.  It says, “Los ilustres son como aquellos que brilla como las estrellas.”  In English it translates to, “The illustrious are like those who shine like the stars.”

Mr. Morel works as a butcher in a small supermarket where he receives a salary of 13,000 pesos or around $222 a month. Each month, 5,000 pesos, or $85, of his salary is used to pay their rent. As a single-income family, their finances are stretched thin to cover basic necessities like food, water, and transportation. 

Mrs. Montero fulfills an important role in their family by caring for the work inside their home and, most importantly, their oldest son, Brendan, who is on the Autism Spectrum. “There are times I feel tired and frustrated that I cannot do more for our son, but I do not lose hope because of my faith in God.”

Due to the lack of public institutions that help the literacy and development of students with Autism and the high cost of private institutions that do, Brendan has never received help for his learning and development. However, they remain hopeful for a change in the availability of opportunities for Brendan’s education. 

Their three other children Kenneth, 11, Genesis Loara, 7, Denzel Daniel, 8, all attend the 2nd Mile Education Center. Their monthly tuition costs are funded through the gift of sponsorship. When we spoke with Mrs. Montero, she said, “This is a dream come true for our family.” She added they thank God there are organizations like 2nd Mile Missions that care about the education of children from low-income families.

Kenneth, 11, their second oldest son, wants to be chef when he grows up. He’s already practicing as he often helps his mother in the kitchen when she has felt sick or tired. At 8 years old, Denzel Daniel is the most headstrong and mischievous of the family. He responded he’s unsure of what he wants to be when he grows up. Genesis Loara, 7, wants to be a painter because of her admiration for colors.

The generous donations of their sponsors aren’t only supporting their education, they’re offering hope and helping to open the door to opportunities to break the cycle of poverty starting with their family.

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