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Karly Prichard Posted by: Karly Prichard 3 years ago

Our generous donors allow us to plant seeds of HOPE in families living in desperate situations, like the Echavarria Family!

Grandma, Teicha(13), Elsa (6), Teivelin (8) and Lizeth (mother)

Lizeth, a single mother raising her three daughters, does not have a permanent job. Her husband left her after Elsa was born and now she does whatever work she can find in order to take care of her family. Before Coronavirus, she worked at a small restaurant as a kitchen assistant, where she received a salary of 7,500 pesos, or about $150 a month. Now, as a result of the restaurant closing in response to Coronavirus, she is unemployed. Half of her salary is used to pay the monthly rent for a small room where her family lives in El Hoyo de Friusa. Their room, with block walls and a cement ceiling and floor, has one bed and a stove where she can cook. They share an outside bathroom with their neighbors.

Despite the difficulties she has experienced, Mrs. Lizeth is hopeful. Thanks to their sponsors, her daughters are able to receive an education, which she trusts will allow them to have a better future and better opportunities than she has had.

Education is a powerful tool.  It can change a child’s life in so many ways.

Join us in empowering thousands of families like the Echavarria family as we build our new school.

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