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Karly Prichard Posted by: Karly Prichard 3 years ago

At the church-school in Monte Verde, Yanibel’s assistant, Sonia, a student at the 2nd Mile Education Center, came every morning to help organize and teach the kids how to read and write. Now, we have the honor of having her on our Hope Academy team as an assistant for the Kinder and Pre-K morning classes.

When asked about why she wants to work with 2nd Mile Missions she responded, “It is a contribution to my community to work with the children; to contribute a grain of sand is the difference. I love doing it.” She continued with, “the opportunity to work since I was young and begin experiencing a responsibility that I loves has [encouraged] me to give the best of myself.”

The opportunity to teach has allowed her to serve as a role model and teach the value of learning and respect towards others. Sonia is also a leader for her community as she is heavily involved in her church and the young adult group.

Sonia is a quiet girl but she has big aspirations. Her dream is to finish high school and study civil engineering in college. She dreams of building a house for herself and another for her family. She also hopes to travel to and experience other countries. Sonia shares, “someday I hope I can have the privilege of being able to help people who need it most, while giving support to others as much as I can.” Sonia loves the Lord and her smile radiates that joy inside of her!

Her youngest sister, Philippee (4), now studies at Hope Academy. We are hopeful of the bright futures ahead for Philippee and Sonia!

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