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Rod Wildman Posted by: Rod Wildman 6 years ago

A note from Rod…

Last Saturday I was allowed the opportunity to watch Cristofer, one of our “boys” here in the DR, graduate from a government education program that provides adult education and the opportunity to earn a high school  diploma. Cristofer is 21. He graduated first in his class and with the highest scores ever at this school. Just one of the perks and blessings God gives to encourage and remind us that it is worth it.

Not bad for a 15 year old Haitian boy who appeared one rainy January night, seven years ago, outside the 2nd Mile dorms asking me for help. He had left the horrors of Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and made his way to Bavaro. The earthquake had taken some of his family members and his home. I did what I could that night and told him to return the next day and we will talk.

Cristofer was hired the next day to clean the church and school grounds. He was given a salary, a bed in one of our storage rooms, lunch, and the opportunity to go to 7th grade at our 2nd Mile school. He became the first of many kids, who live in challenging situations, that we hire to help and guide in our STEP program.

Many years have passed with Cristofer, some situations were not so good where tough love was needed, (he was a teenager) but through it all, Nancy and I did our best to guide and direct him. We loved him. We protected, trusted, hoped, persevered and didn’t give up on him. That’s what 2nd Milers do, we go the 2nd Mile for those in need, for the least of these. We love.

To all who support 2nd Mile, I want to thank you for protecting us with your prayers, trusting us, hoping for miracles in the lives of those we serve and for persevering through tough times. Thanks for not failing to love!

“It (love) always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.”

1 Corinthians 13:7,8

Great verse showing us what real love should look like in real life.

From L to R: Cristofer, Widlen, Rod, Nancy, Roger, and Calet

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