Hurricane Relief

Saturday, September 30, 2017

It was my first experience.  I have been through tornadoes, an earthquake and even a tidal wave in Hawaii. But, I have never experienced a hurricane and hope I don’t have to ever again.  If I learned one thing during the long night of howling 100 mile an hour winds, it was to have a new respect for the power of God.  I realized that the fierce wind that could snap trees, destroy homes and churn the ocean waves was just a whisper of God’s power.  It was a humbling, and scary, experience.

Many people offered prayers for our safety which we are so thankful for.  Many people have also asked about the consequences of the storm and wondered how they could help.  After spending some time evaluating the devastation we so thankful that there was not one life lost.  The damages are repairable and we know it could have been so much worse.

We will be raising money to help pay for the repairs of the church, school and House of Hope.  if you would like to help please click the link below to view more information and some photos of the devastation.  We lost many trees and some playground equipment. A few roofs and fences need repaired.  The church tent was totally destroyed so we are helping to create a new temporary meeting space until a more permanent building can be built.

We thank you for your prayers and concerns.  We know God has a purpose for everything and believe that God’s power and purpose can be fulfilled sometimes better through the storms of our lives.

~Nancy Wildman


October 31 Update:  Our goal has been met! Thanks to everyone who has been so generous and compassionate to the cause!