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Posted by: Nancy Wildman 3 years ago

Life in the DR is slowly getting back to normal! The resorts are coming back to life and the airport opened on July 1st.  Many local businesses are opening which means the people in Monte Verde and El Hoyo will be going back to work. It will be a slow recovery, but it’s a good sign.

  • 2nd Mile Missions has had the privilege of feeding more than 1000 families during the last few months, many of those our own sponsored students and their families, but also hundreds of people from the community. We will continue this program as long as it is needed and phase it out when the DR returns to normal. PRAY that with the opening of the resorts, the virus does not gain strength and spread rapidly again.
  • Schools should re-open on August 24th with an alternating schedule.  Half the students will attend Monday and Wednesday and half will attend Tuesday and Thursday.  Friday will be online learning. PRAY for the effectiveness of this kind of teaching. Technology is not a strength in the DR schools so we pray the students do not fall further behind.  PRAY that the teachers will still be able to share Christ with those in school and the Holy Spirit will be present in the classrooms.
  • Registration in both our schools, 2nd Mile Education Center and Hope Academy, is going well. We will have a total of 460 students in both schools. PRAY for more sponsors as we continue to grow and educate more kids.
  • Vida Plena is OPEN! Jewelry is being made again in the shop. We are opening up our US markets with the hire of a Sales and Marketing Strategist. Vida Plena will also be making and selling cleaning and hygiene products to the local market to hopefully increase the sales within the DR. PRAY for the health and safety of all our Vida Plena ladies and for discernment and wisdom as new products are developed.
  • The purchase of our new property to build offices, a workshop for Vida Plena, and a new school was interrupted by the Coronavirus right after our offer was accepted. Negotiations continue and we hope to finalize the purchase of the land this month. PRAY that building can begin as soon as possible!
  • We are excited to announce Eduardo as our Country Director and newest team member! He will be leading all operations in the Dominican Republic and will provide guidance and oversight to all programs. He will also guide our team as we plan for future growth and development. PRAY for wisdom and discernment for Eduardo in his new role.

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