2nd Mile Education Center

Empowerment Begins with Education

In August of 2010, the 2nd Mile Education Center opened its doors for the inaugural school year. Established in partnership with the local church, “City of God for the Nations,” the school is located adjacent to the church, reinforcing the emphasis on spiritual enrichment. Students of the 2nd Mile Education Center have the unique opportunity to receive a faith-based education, making it the only private Christian school in the area.

The 2nd Mile Education Center serves pre-K through grade 12. Teachers are licensed through the Department of Education in the Dominican Republic and many are bilingual. Students receive instruction in a range of subjects including Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics, as well as Computer Literacy, Physical Education and English programs.

We strive to provide a quality, Christian education to every student who attends our school regardless of their economic status. In the Dominican Republic, it is common for a decent school to charge as much as $400 per student per month. As a result, the majority of families are unable to send their children to good schools. If not for the 2nd Mile Education Center, many of these children would have no other way to receive the education necessary to empower them to rise above generational poverty.

In 2019, our second school was born in the village of Monte Verde.  Because of the growth of the tourist industry, the population of Bavaro has exploded, yet the government has not built any new schools.  Hundreds of children are without a place to learn.   In response to this great need, 2nd Mile Missions started a school, The Hope Academy, in the church in Monte Verde with 65 students.  Our current plan is to build a second elementary school that can educate over 300 students.

Child sponsorship provides an impoverished child the opportunity to attend school without burdening their family with tuition expenses. School attendance enables the children to grow socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually in a safe, Christ-centered environment.