Sponsor a Child

Provide Education & Empowerment

When you sponsor a child you are helping break the cycle of poverty in that child’s life. Not only does your monthly gift fund their education, it offers hope and opens the door to opportunities that only education can provide. Simply put – you will change a child’s life forever.

As a sponsor, you are not only contributing to a child’s future, you are enabling them to grow socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The impact when a child find’s out someone far away cares enough to support their education becomes a powerful catalyst for change. Through the years we have had the pleasure of watching many children grow into productive young adults thanks to the heartfelt commitment of loving sponsors.

Your tax-deductible contribution of $40 each month helps provide:

  • Education from pre-school through grade 12 in an accredited school
  • Instruction in Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Math, Computer Literacy, English, Physical Education and Bible study
  • A safe & supportive learning environment that enables each student to grow and reach their maximum potential
  • Caring & committed staff that provide top quality education

We encourage sponsors to build a long-term relationship with their sponsored child by sending letters, photos and cards. Communicating with your sponsored child opens their eyes to the world, expands their cross-cultural understanding, and lets them know they are loved. Download our reference guide for details on how to write to your sponsored child.