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What does supporting Vida Plena Look like?

From a small business perspective, our ultimate goal is to reinvest earnings back into the community, local church, and the other ministries of 2nd Mile Missions. But as a young workshop with a passion for providing services that support and develop the families of El Hoyo and Monte Verde for the long term, our workshop is not yet financially profitable. We still require outside support to host the artisan training programs, micro-loan programs, and capital investments to grow and diversify our workshop. If you’d like to see this type of Christ-centered, social enterprise grow and serve more women on the margins, please consider supporting Vida Plena on a monthly basis until we are standing and operating with financial independence. Click the “Donate to Vida Plena” button below, then under “Purpose” select “Vida Plena”. If a monthly contribution is possible, please indicate that as well.