House of Hope

Compassion Is the Catalyst for Hope

Imagine for a moment that you are twelve years old and living with your grandmother. You had to come stay with her because your mom, who is a prostitute, keeps spending all her money on drugs. One day she simply decided she no longer wanted to feed or clothe you. Not long after being abandoned by your mother, your grandmother dies. Over the next few years you shuffle from home to home, until there is no longer any family or friends to help. You find yourself on the streets, not only fending for yourself, but also responsible for your younger sister.

As harrowing as it sounds, stories like this are all too common in Bavaro and throughout the Dominican Republic. After witnessing such tragic realities we knew we had to respond. Born out of prayer and rooted in the heartfelt belief that every child deserves to grow up in a loving family, we opened the House of Hope in 2015.

The House of Hope accommodates twelve girls and exists to restore the family structure that girls have lost as a result of being abandoned or abused. These brave girls bond together to form a new family unit under the supervision of a Tia, or House Mom. Much like a nuclear family, girls eat meals together, complete assigned chores, and spend time studying the bible in order to grow spiritually. Because the House of Hope exists, girls can begin to heal and focus on their futures, as they are loved and nurtured through their restoration.

Our family sponsorship program helps fund the daily needs of the girls in the home, and reinforces our efforts to create a family-oriented environment. Restoring a sense of family to these precious children enables them to concentrate on their education and better equips them to achieve their dreams.