Sponsor a Family

Provide Hope & Safety

We believe that every child deserves to belong to a loving family. Our family sponsorship program enables you to help restore a sense of family to girls who have endured abuse and/or abandonment. Rebuilding a family dynamic is an amazing way to help the girls living in the House of Hope recover from their trauma and focus on building a better future.


Due to the family dynamic we are seeking to build in the House of Hope, and the additional expenses incurred by caring for the girls round-the-clock, we have developed a unique sponsorship program that fosters inclusion and truly meets the needs of these precious children. Rather than each girl being individually sponsored, we allow for multiple individuals to sponsor the entire home. In doing so, we eliminate any feelings of abandonment or rejection that could exist by having individual sponsors. This way, vulnerable girls have the unique opportunity to feel loved by many more people.


As a family sponsor, you provide a safe and loving home, which is something the girls have likely never experienced. Not only that, you are offering them the chance to be a part of a family once again. Together with the Tia’s, or house moms, girls are nurtured and cared for. Sponsorship is a vital factor in the success of the House of Hope.

Your tax-deductible gift of $40 monthly helps provide:

  • A safe, comfortable home
  • Loving tia’s who treat the girl’s as their own daughters
  • A house full of sisters to love & support one another
  • Food, clothing, medical care, tutoring and counseling
  • Opportunities to learn responsibility within a family dynamic

As a family sponsor you will receive a photo of the House of Hope family, along with periodic updates about activities and events in the home, as well as information about the girls. Similar to child sponsorship, we encourage family sponsors to write letters, send cards & photos, and visit the home in order to build a long-term relationship. Download our reference guide for details on how to write to your sponsored family.