Social Worker

2nd Mile Education Center, Dominican Republic

SUPERVISOR: Nancy Wildman
2 year commitment


PURPOSE: To understand the social, economic and spiritual needs of the students and families of 2nd Mile Education Center.



  1. Must be fluent in both English and Spanish or willing to attend language school
  2. College degree required.
  3. Degree in Social Work, Psychology or Education preferred.
  4. Experience working with children, preferably in a school setting.
  5. Highly organized with strong administrative skills.
  6. Passion for helping the poor and disadvantaged.
  7. Maintains a consistent relationship with God and has a passion to point others to Christ through his/her life.


Essential Functions:

Works directly with DR Social Worker

  1. Evaluate the economic and physical needs of each student/family through home visits, interviews, current files and/or discussions with school staff.
  2. Oversee acceptance of new students so that they comply with the economic needs status.
  3. Prepare exit reports of children who leave the school
  4. Create opportunities to teach about health and nutrition with students and families
  5. Assess needs of families within the school. Make recommendations for further assistance.
  6. Work with DR Social worker in distributing donations to most needy students. Make a record of all incoming and outgoing donations
  7. Monitor attendance of all students. Work with classroom teachers when problems in attendance arise.
  8. Monitor discipline issues of students, making recommendations for intervention (work with area coordinator, principal and classroom teachers)
  9. Meet regularly with the school Psychologist to provide assistance in helping at risk students


For more information or to apply contact Nancy Wildman