Social Media Communications Intern - Volunteer

Bavaro, Dominican Republic

Communications and Social Media Campaign Intern, Vida Plena

Based in Bavaro, Dominican Republic



Vida Plena is the part of 2nd Mile Missions focused on artisan trade training, dignified employment, and micro-finance.  We work specifically with single mothers in the poor communities of El Hollo and Monte Verde with the ultimate goal of helping them to flourish physically, emotionally, economically, and spiritually.  The workshop is our context to love and serve this marginalized and vulnerable group.  Check out for more information.



  1. Self-starter, but also willing to ask questions and learn
  2. High level of social media acumen
  3. Passion to serve the poor in Christ’s name


Essential Functions:

  1. Maintain active Instagram and Facebook site for Vida Plena
  2. With supervision and guidance, contribute to the implementation of campaigns around strategic holidays/dates (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.).
  3. Explore other social media platforms to expand reach and engagement
  4. Develop strategic relationships with social media influencers
  5. Identify potential “Ambassadors” for the brand, and assist with getting them involved


Contact Melissa Demopoulus if interested:
Click here to download the application for employment
Visit our website to learn more about Vida Plena: