Director of Learning Center

Bavaro, Dominican Republic

Director of Monte Verde School Project: 2nd Mile Learning Center

Based in Bavaro, Dominican Republic



Our intention in 2nd Mile Missions is to provide education for students in Bavaro, specifically the poor, underprivileged Haitian village of Monte Verde where education is very limited.  The person we are looking for would lead a team to research the best method for providing for the educational needs of the children and the best structure in which to provide it.  This person would also be the team leader on starting and directing the school.

At this point we desire to provide a traditional morning program teaching Math, Reading, Spanish, Bible and possibly history and science.  The afternoon program would focus more on literacy for students who are lacking previous formal education. Our school may not meet the requirements of the Dominican Ministry of Education but would meet requirements for testing into a government high school program.

This position would require a 2-year commitment.  Salary is determined by experience and family need.  Because we are non-profit organization, all salaries are paid for through donations and we would require your help in funding the salary for this position.  An estimated budget for living expenses will be provided as a guide and the candidate will be fully supported in the process of raising funds.



  1. B.S. in Education with at least 3 years of teaching experience
  2. Experience in school administration is preferred
  3. Must be bilingual (Spanish and English)
  4. Highly organized with strong written and verbal communication skills
  5. Willing to be flexible, teachable, with leadership skills appropriate for implementing new ideas for a new school
  6. Maintains a consistent relationship with God and has a passion to point others to Christ through his/her life




  1. The Director will lead in accordance with the philosophy, goals and procedures of 2nd Mile Missions
  2. Manages a budget for the school
  3. Establish and implement procedures for the admission of students.  Make the final in-school decisions on the admission or non-admission of students.  Oversee registration process.
  4. Select curriculum and oversee the implementation of grade level expectations.
  5. Supervise assignment of teachers and students to classes.
  6. Requisitions and allocates supplies, equipment, and instructional material as needed.
  7. Confers with teaching personnel, pupils and parents on matters pertaining to educational and behavior problems in the school.
  8. Creates attendance policies, grade reporting and discipline procedures.
  9. Monitors student progress and success in the school


Staff Leadership:

  1. Manage personnel affairs of all teaching and support staff.
    • Oversee all hiring and firing of teaching staff
    • Develop job descriptions for each position
    • Develop contracts for each employee
    • Conduct observations and evaluations
    • Recommends approval and denial of staff absences
  1. Oversee the daily responsibilities of teaching and support staff.
  2. Develop a teaching training program for teaching staff dependent on their teaching experience and knowledge.

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