Education Sponsorship Coordinator

2nd Mile Education Center, Dominican Republic

SUPERVISOR: Nancy Wildman
2 year commitment


PURPOSE: To carry out the goals and tasks of the Sponsorship program from the Dominican Republic. To improve the communication between sponsors and students, encouraging a more meaningful relationship.



  1. Must be fluent in both English and Spanish or willing to attend language school.
  2. College degree preferred, High School diploma required.
  3. Highly organized with strong administrative skills.
  4. Experience with children preferred.
  5. Maintains a consistent relationship with God and has a passion to point others to Christ through his/her life.


Essential Functions:

  1. Oversee student to sponsor communication
    • Help students write two cards per year (Christmas and May thank you
    • Help students write letters to sponsors that have written letters to them
    • Complete New student profiles each fall
  2. Photos
    • Take individual and classroom photos each fall
    • Name each individual photo for home office and upload to dropbox
    • Take all staff photos and upload to dropbox with names
  3. Keep student lists updated with the school and home office
    • Create a new master list each fall
    • Reassign new students to sponsors who lost their child
    • Research reasons why students have left the school
  4. Create profiles on each student (work with Social Worker)
    • Upload info into REACH
  5. Social Media posts: 2 per week
  6. Lead monthly birthday parties
    • Coordinate with home office for lists and birthday cards
    • Choose a different small gift for preschool, elementary and high school
    • Order food and plan games
    • Keep track of expenses
    • Take photos and upload to dropbox
  7. Coordinate and distribute any special donations for the school
    • Brainstorm ideas for Christmas sponsor donations
    • Periodically make needed donation ideas available (backpacks, books, shoes, etc)
  8. Coordinate and lead sponsor visit to the school
    • Coordinate details of the visit
    • Hand out visitor packets
    • Follow up after the visit
  9. Other
    • Attend Graduation—wrap gifts for each student and distribute prior to graduation day, take photos at graduation to upload and share with sponsors via email
    • Help write any newsletters or emails as needed
    • Coordinate everything with the director of engagement in home office



For more information or to apply contact Nancy Wildman