Disaster Relief Program

Bavaro, Dominican Republic

COVID-19 UPDATE: How 2nd Mile Missions is responding to the Cononavirus outbreak in the Dominican Republic

Currently we are not aware of any serious illness or death among the students or families we serve. However, unemployment is the biggest challenge now. The country is now open for tourism, but many resorts have not opened and the DR is still experiencing very high unemployment. Because the people live day to day, many of them do not have money to buy food. Our concern is that hunger will be the leading cause of death, next to the threat of the pandemic. 2nd Mile Missions has given out over 1,000 boxes of food, but there are still thousands of families in need.

How does the disaster relief program work?

2nd Mile Missions values the ability to respond to those in need. Whether that need is education, employment, discipleship or helping someone through a crisis, it is our responsibility to respond when God presents an opportunity. We do so out of love and in faith that God will supply the resources necessary to help when called.

We also know that caring for others in this way isn’t an isolated action, it’s a two-way community relationship where both those giving and receiving care will benefit. It gives us the opportunity to spread God’s love and simply do what Jesus would have done.

When crisis happens in the areas we serve, we will quickly develop a plan to serve in the most effective ways possible. We depend on our local teams to discern the best use of resources and carry out the action. 2nd Mile Missions will strive to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us. Your donation to the “Disaster Relief” fund will directly benefit those in need!