Director of Elementary School or Jr. High/High School

2nd Mile Education Center, Dominican Republic

SUPERVISOR:  Rod Wildman

2 year commitment


PURPOSE: The U.S. Director will work closely with the Dominican Director learning the culture, procedures and methods of Dominican Education.  (one will oversee the elementary school and the other the jr. high/high school.)

The Director will direct and coordinate educational, spiritual and administrative activities of elementary or secondary school according to the mission and vision of 2nd Mile Missions and 2nd Mile Education Center and the church.

The U.S. Director’s overall goal is to raise expectations in academics, leadership and communication with staff and students.



  1. B.S. in Education with at least 3 years of teaching experience
  2. Experience in school administration is preferred
  3. Fluency in the Spanish language (language school may be required)
  4. Highly organized with strong written and verbal communication skills
  5. Willing to be flexible, teachable, with leadership skills appropriate for implementing new ideas
  6. Maintains a consistent relationship with God and has a passion to point others to Christ
    through his/her life.




  1. The Director will lead in accordance with the philosophy policies, and procedures of 2nd Mile Education Center and the Ministry of Education.
  2. Manages budget and coordinates with Finance and HR Directors
  3. Develop yearly calendars and maintain a schedule of all school events including special services, class trips, senior trips, after school activities, graduation, chapels, etc.
  4. Maintain school policy and procedural manuals for staff, parents and students.
  5. Establish and implement procedures for the admission of students.  Make the final in-school decisions on the admission or non-admission of students.  Oversee registration process.
  6. Select textbooks and oversee the implementation of grade level curriculum.
  7. Provide leadership in the accomplishment of the spiritual mission and vision of the school.
  8. Supervise assignment of teachers and students to classes.
  9. Requisitions and allocates supplies, equipment, and instructional material as needed.
  10. Confers with teaching personnel, pupils and parents on matters pertaining to educational and behavior problems in the school.
  11. Coordinate the public relations programs of the school including development of brochures, media releases, publicity, etc.
  12. Develop workshops and meetings for parents on various parenting topics related to school success.
  13. Oversee communication with parents including the review of letters or documents from staff.
  14. Attend meetings convened by the Ministry of Education.
  15. Supervises enrollment, attendance, grade reporting and discipline procedures.
  16. Monitors student testing and administration.


Staff Leadership

  1. Manage personnel affairs of all teaching and support staff.

    • Oversee all hiring and firing of teaching staff
    • Develop job descriptions for each position
    • Develop contracts for each employee
    • Conduct observations and evaluations
    • Recommends approval and denial of staff absences.
    • Oversee the daily responsibilities of teaching staff, area coordinators, Director of Discipline, school Psychologist and administrative assistants.
  2. Develops teaching training program for in-service days and beginning of the year for teaching staff. Oversees daily monitoring of teachers responsibilities in regard to student evaluations, discipline issues and parent issues.
  3. Coordinates procedures related to substitute teachers.



For more information or to apply, contact Mason McIntyre