Change Your Life in 2019

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I got to the church thirty minutes before they would arrive. I set out my materials, filled pitchers of water, prepped my computer with the online video we were going to be watching, and waited. I stared at the empty chairs that would soon be filled with curious, excited and maybe even a little apprehensive individuals who made a decision that I knew could change their lives forever. It did mine.

It has been almost 12 years since I was the one sitting in those chairs waiting to hear about where we were going and what we would be doing in this third world country called the Dominican Republic. It has been a privilege to be a part of it since the beginning. We didn’t know what we were really doing back then, but we knew God called each one of us to be there. He had a plan and a purpose beyond our wildest dreams.

As people began to arrive and take their seats, I knew that God called each one of them to be there and that He had a plan and a purpose behind their going on this awareness trip. There are several reasons why people go. Maybe they sponsor a student in the school and they want to personally meet them. Maybe they sponsor the House of Hope and want to witness what God has been doing in the lives of the girls who live there. Maybe they support the single moms who work in the artisan shop of Vida Plena and want to encourage them. Maybe they just want to learn more about 2nd Mile Missions. No matter the reason they go, they come back having experienced something more.

While they are there, I know that there will be friendships created, encouragement offered, prayers lifted, and an impact made on the lives of the people they will meet. As they hear the stories of heartache turned to hope through the ministry of 2nd Mile Missions, they will witness the life changing opportunities given to the “least of these”. I will get to witness sponsors receiving hugs of gratitude from their sponsored student; the girls in the House of Hope laugh and play with their new family friends; and countless connections made that will last a life time.

From the first team meeting before the trip to the last meeting after we return, I get the privilege of witnessing so many people embark on a journey that not only makes an impact on their lives, but the lives of those they touched while there.

By Sue Vercauteren

Join us in 2019.  It’s a life changing opportunity for all!!!